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Storage Trailers of Alabama


Storage Trailers of Alabama offers on-site storage services to meet your business, inventory, warehousing, manufacturing and construction storage needs. We provide prompt pick-up and delivery services and our key service areas include: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Anniston Alabama.

Short on yard space?? We can provide you with off-site yard storage as well.

  • On-site storage services
  • Prompt pick-up and delivery
  • Off-Site Yard Storage
  • Key Service Areas - Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Anniston, Alabama

About Us

Storage Trailers of Alabama specializes in meeting all of your needs for storage rental (storage trailers , storage containers and conex boxes), trailer rental and used equipment sales for your business. Whether your business involves inventory, warehousing, manufacturing and or construction sites, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to meeting storage needs, we also have the ability to supply our customers with used trailer rentals, great for local and regional deliveries.

We take great pride in providing our customers with top quality storage containers, conex boxes, storage trailers and rental van trailers.

We also offer pick-up and delivery services and we can provide both on-site and off-site storage at our facility to help ease your space limitations. Storage Trailers of Alabama is located in Birmingham, Alabama and serves the following areas specifically: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Anniston, Alabama.

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